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Uthernet II Applications overview

The Uthernet II is an Ethernet port for your slotted Apple II

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Excerpt below

by Oliver Schmidt, does glitch-free high-quality internet audio streaming on the Apple II.
Click here to download A2Stream.

by Rémy Gibert is a new multitasking operating system for the 8-bit Apple II that includes
a TCP/IP networking component. It is written in 65C02 assembly language for the enhanced
Apple IIe, Apple IIc, or Apple IIGS. It is being continually updated
and improved with new features and functionality.
Click here to download A2osX.

by David Schmidt is not a TCP/IP stack, but instead is one of the most popular applications
for the Uthernet. ADTPro is the Apple Disk Transfer utility, allowing you to copy
disk images to and from the Apple. The latest version of ADTPro is v2.0.1 (as of this writing)
and it includes a driver for the Uthernet II.
Click here to download ADTPro.

by Adam Dunkels, ported to the 8-bit Apple II family by Oliver Schmidt, is currently
at version 2.7 (as of this writing). Contiki is a suite of Internet-enabled applications written in
C that includes a web browser, HTTP server, Telnet server, wget, and an IRC client.
Click here to download Contiki.


by Bobbi is an email and Usenet news software package for the Apple //e Enhanced or Apple IIgs.
An Uthernet-II ethernet card is required for sending and receiving messages.

IP65 is a TCP/IP stack for the 8-bit Apple II series written in 6502 assembly language by Per
Olofsson, Jonno Downes, and Oliver Schmidt.
It comes with several ready-to-run TCP/IP programs, incl. a Wget implementation.
ADTPro (mentioned earlier) uses IP65
Click here to download IP65.

by D. Finnigan is another TCP/IP stack for the 8-bit Apple II series that is also written
in 6502 assembly language.
Click here to download Marina

Marinetti, originally written by Richard Bennett, is a TCP/IP stack available only for the Apple IIGS.
Ewen Wannop developed the Uthernet II link layer needed for Marinetti.
See our dedicated Marinetti page here

by David Schmenk, is a combination of virtual machine and assembler/compiler
matched closely to the 6502 architecture. It is a new programming language for the entire Apple
series that allows a program to run without any changes on the Apple I, Apple II, and Apple
III, similar to the Java VM system. PLASMA includes support for the Uthernet II and a
demonstration web server.
Click here to download PLASMA

Streaming video and audio for the Apple II.
][-Vision transcodes video files in standard formats (.mp4 etc) into a
custom format optimized for streaming playback on Apple II hardware.

8-bit slicks
“8bit-Slicks”, a remake of the legendary 90s game for the Apple//e,
Commodore 64/128, Atari XL/XE, Atari Lynx, and Oric 1/Atmos.
It is a game featuring:Up-to 4 players (local or online).
10 varied maps (jumps, obsctales, cross-points).
Online competitive ranking.
A friendly community.

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