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"Overall, The Uthernet II is a winner and a shining example of community collaboration to develop, test and market a new product"
Peter Neubauer - Juiced.GS December 2015 Volume 20, Issue 4 (pg 13-15)

Juiced.GS  A quarterly Apple II journal

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Apple II Ethernet Card - This product is based on the Wiznet W5100 chip. It has an embedded hardware IP stack. Contiki, IP65, Marinetti and ADTPro have been updated to work with the new card. Please note this card is not compatible with any modle of the Apple IIc and only works on the Apple II+ RFI motherboard or newer. Fully compatible with all models of the Apple IIe and IIgs.

We will be using NJPCB as our current PCB supplier and contract assembler.
$70 (per card)
$12 shipping (per 2 cards)
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Please note a2retrosystems is a part time business.
This site is here to promote my hobbies which are Apple II computers and electronics.
Items offered for sale here are done so as to enable other enthusiasts the ability to share in this hobby.